Sally Hart is a photographer and designer who likes big empty spaces, small efficient objects and things lined up neatly in rows.

I work within research and design across a number of creative industries, with a particular interest in urban theory and public and participatory arts. I'm currently engaged in research for a cross-disciplinary public engagement project and a number of public arts commissions, and am always interested in discussing opportunities for further work around these fields.

I have a broad experience within architecture practice, from conceptual design through to documentation of large scale commercial projects, however my primary interest is in inter-disciplinary urban research. 

My visual work has been commissioned by private clients and exhibited within a gallery context, and I’ve worked in a curatorial role with diverse artists and exhibitions. In addition to my personal work, I'm a founding member of Gasket, a collective focused on the role critical photography can play in understanding the urban condition. 

Through my engagement with academic institutions, I've tutored in architectural theory and have publicly presented work exploring the links between art and sociological method.

I've recently completed a Masters at Goldsmiths College researching the interface between cities and technology, and the role visual representation can play in understanding how our environments might develop in the future.