The general loveliness of Tri-X film

In August of next year I'll be required to submit my dissertation and final visual project as part of my Masters in Photography and Urban Cultures. I'll be looking at how strategic urban planning decisions can fundamentally shape the topography of the city through use of protected views and vistas

As I'm still in the very preliminary research stage, this means lots of walking combined with the testing of different cameras and films. This set is a selection from a session on a Yashica Mat 124g with my new favourite 120mm film, Kodak Tri-X.

One of the shots below forms part of the catchily titled 'Management Views-Townscape Views' from the 'London View Management Framework', but most are end-of-roll shots that act as a chance for me to play around with tone and texture.  

As previously, processing done by Gary at Isis, negs scanned at Goldsmiths and processed through Lightroom