A year of making

A few weeks ago we made it to #5 in LDNIA's excellent series of talks at Albion.
As well as Matthew Sheret talking content, communication and the importance of not all websites wanting to be your best friend, we also had a chance to hear Matthew De Abaitua talk about 'The age of the hand'.

Resonates doesn't it? Maker-culture, the re-emergence of 'traditional' crafts and practices, knitting, arduinos, you know the rest... Anyway, while I continue to ponder the why, I'm getting in a month early on my self imposed 'year of making'.

First up, an actual, for-real, wearable item of clothing (it's even got a proper waistband and hem and doesn't employ staples or stickytape anywhere). Crafty props to sewing bee buddy and Goldhawk Rd with it's glorious £3.50/m fabrics 

Pics below, excuse the fluff and lack of ironing.