Googlology - Sam Bland

I don't know if it's the impending arrival of Google Glass, or the growing awareness of just how much of our visual world is presented to us by digital eyes, but it's creating an environment in which some really interesting work is happening.

This is Sam Bland's Googlology project

 Sam Bland.  Googlology 3 A Coat

Sam Bland. Googlology 3 A Coat

Sam Bland has spent a lot of time with Google Goggles. He’s learned how it sees the world and how it communicates — they play games together.

Goggles is the image search feature in the Google mobile app, and by layering the app’s best attempts to match his photos, Bland has created an artistic view of the world as seen through Google’s eyes.

Aside from creating beautiful images, what interests me most about the work is how apparent it makes the smart / dumb dichotomy of computer vision. It's an area that I need to start thinking about, but the idea that a program can identify an individual in a crowd with a huge degree of accuracy, yet not be able to differentiate between a bunny and a kitten feels like it might have something worth exploring.

Original links to Bland's work via WIRED and The New Aesthetic