Coffee and quilting

Did you know our little sewing bee club took commissions? No, neither did we until until a chance meeting in Mothers Milk (a bustling hive of networking activity with seating for 3 and standing room for 4) Anyway, it turns out that a mutual appreciation for good coffee, witty banter and a good line in self-deprecation makes an excellent base for creative collaborations.

After some initial discussions (may not be exact transcript);

Amy: "So do you guys take commission? I'd like to get a quilt made"
Me: "Well, we haven't so far but it sounds really interesting, let me ask Katie"
Me: <texts Katie> "A lovely woman called Amy has asked if we take sewing commissions, I've never made a quilt but I'm saying we'll do it and everything will be fine"
Katie: <texts me> "I'm in, my Mum quilts so can give us advice over the phone"
Me: (breathes massive sigh of relief)
Me and Katie: (frantically start googling 'quilt sandwich' 'wadding' 'stitch-in-the-ditch')

The arrival of a shiny new niece had provided Amy with an opportunity to use some of the amazing vintage t-shirts she'd kept from her father's life around cars in the US. Being a designer at heart, Amy already had a good sense of the design and the contrasting fabrics, so after some complex yardage calculations and some Rubik's Cube type shuffling to finalise the layout we began to put it all together.

After 4 marathon sessions, many a Skype call to Katie's mum and lots of unpicking we had our first quilt. I'll spare you the rollercoaster of emotions during the process (and the shambolic nature of the US Postal System compared to the stoic reliability of Royal Mail) and instead just show you the finished quilt prior to it heading stateside.

We're very proud of it.

Huge thanks to Amy for the opportunity and to Katie for moral support and letting us take over her house on regular occasions.   

UPDATE: In adorable news, images of the quilt 'in-situ' are just in, including the delightful Annabella QA testing.