Somers Town ‘Cycle to School’ Partnership
Collaboration between Camden Council and Izaskun Chinchilla - Public Engagement Fellow, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

An In-Progress Summary Report can be accessed in PDF here

Project Introduction
As part of her Public Engagement Fellowship at The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, Izaskun Chinchilla is working with Camden Council on a Cycle to School project in Somers Town.
The project aims to encourage more children to cycle to school, and find ways to make their trip as safe, enjoyable and educational as possible.
The project will use workshops, Space Syntax studies, wayfinding measures and installations to investigate and respond to existing hurdles in order to provide a richer urban experience for children and parents alike.

Key aims of this Cycle to School Partnership are;

  • To encourage children that live and study within the locale to feel safe enough to use implemented cycle routes from a young age, encouraging their cycling skills through to adulthood and improve their health and wellbeing.
  • To gain the benefits from existing public realm improvements in this area designed to improve walking and cycling. A network of suitable quiet roads will provide a link to safe cycle routes being developed for pupils and parents as part of this partnership.
  • To build upon schools engagement with the travel plan process to achieve accreditation for each of these schools.
  • To compliment and provide links to projects taking place on adjacent parts of the road network including proposed cycling quiet-ways within the Somers Town area and traffic calming works supported through S106 funding.

The project represents a collaborative opportunity between Camden’s existing cycling programme and Izaskun Chinchilla’s Public Engagement Fellowship.”